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Golden EDGE Mexico

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Av. Vasco de Quiroga 2000 edif. C 3er. piso
Col.Santa Fe
Mexico D.F.

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C.P. 01210

+52 (0)55 5261 3213 / 3214
+52 (0)55 5261 3278 / 3204 / 3255 / 3256

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3 ABN Latino Mexico 4 TV Mexico 40 TV Mexico A Toda Musica TV Mexico AE Mundo Mexico Aguascalientes TV Mexico American Network Mexico Animax Latin America Mexico Aprende TV Mexico ART Latino Mexico ATV (mx) Mexico Aym Sports Mexico Azteca Internacional Mexico Azteca Noreste Mexico Azteca Novelas Mexico Azteca Siete Mexico Azteca Trece Mexico Bandamax Mexico BBC Entertainment Latin America Mexico Boomerang Latin America Mexico Cadena Tres Mexico Canal 10 Cancun Mexico Canal 10 Chiapas Mexico Canal 22 Internacional Mexico Canal 5 (mx) Mexico Canal 52 (mx) Mexico Canal 6 (mx) Mexico Canal 9 Oaxaca Mexico Canal del Congreso Mexico Canal Fox Latin America Mexico Canal Judicial Mexico Canal Sur Mexico Cartoon Network Mexico Mexico CB TV Michoacan Mexico Cemesatel Mexico Cine Latino Mexico Cine Mexcicano Mexico Cinecanal Mexico Cinecanal Este Mexico CineMax Latinoamerica Mexico Clasico TV Mexico CNN International Latin America Mexico Concert Channel Mexico Conoce Mexico Mexico Country Music TV Mexico De Pelicula Mexico De Pelicula Clasico Mexico Discovery Channel America Latina Mexico Discovery Home and Health en Espanol Mexico Discovery Kids America Latina Mexico Disney XD Latin America Mexico Edusat Canal 12 Mexico Edusat Canal 14 Mexico Edusat Canal 15 Mexico Edusat Canal 16 Mexico Edusat Canal 17 Mexico Edusat Canal 18 Mexico ESPN Extra Mexico ESPN Latin America Mexico ESPN Mexico Mexico EXA TV Mexico Fashion TV Latin America Mexico Foro TV Mexico Fox Life Latin America Mexico Fox Sports (LAM) Mexico Fox Sports (LAM) Cono Mexico FX Latin America Mexico Galavision Mexico Mexico Glitz* Mexico Golden Mexico Golden Edge Mexico Golden Latinoamerica Mexico Golden Multiplex Mexico HBO Family Latin America Mexico HBO Latinoamerica Mexico HBO Latinoamerica Este Mexico HBO Latinoamerica Oeste Mexico HBO Plus Mexico HCH Digital TV Mexico Hidalgo Radio y TV Mexico Hipodromo de las Americas Mexico History Latin America Mexico ia TV Mexico Imagen Informativa Mexico Infinito Latin America Mexico La Academia Mexico La Familia Cosmovision Mexico Maria + Vision Mexico Max Latinoamerica Mexico Mayavision Mexico Mexicanal Mexico Mexico Explorer Mexico Mexico Travel Channel Mexico Mexico TV Mexico Milenio Television Mexico Mix Cine Mexico Momentum TV Mexico Monte Maria TV Mexico Movie World Mexico MTV Hits Latin America Mexico MuchMusic Latinoamerica Mexico Multi Premier Mexico Multicinema Mexico Multicinema 2 Mexico Multimedios TV Mexico MW Films Mexico NatGeo Wild Latin Mexico National Geographic Channel Latin America Mexico NTR Zacatecas Mexico Ocho TV Mexico Pasiones TV Mexico Playboy TV Latin America Mexico Ponchi Vision Mexico Presidencia de la Republica Mexico Proyecto 40 Mexico R Shopping Mexico RCG Mexico RGT TV Digital Mexico Ritmoson Latino Mexico RTN (mx) Mexico RTV (mx) Mexico SET Latin America Mexico SICOM Mexico Siete + Television Mexico Sintesis TV Mexico Sky Mexico Mosaico Mexico Sky Premiere (mx) Mexico Sky Sports (mx) Mexico Soy Guerrero TV Mexico Super Channel 22 (mx) Mexico TDN Centroamerica Mexico Tele Formula Mexico Tele Michoacano Mexico Tele Nuevo Leon Mexico Tele Secundaria Mexico Telehit Mexico Teleritmo TV Mexico Telestai Mexico Telesur Campeche Mexico Televisa Regional Mexico TeVe de Mente Mexico TeVe Unam Mexico TL Novelas America Mexico Triplemania PPV Mexico Tu Superestacion Mexico TV Hot Mexico TV Mex Mexico TV Tabasquena Mexico TV Unam Mexico TV y Radio de Campeche Mexico TV5 Monde Am. Latine Mexico TVC Mexico TVC Platino Mexico TVC Platino Plus Mexico Unicable Mexico Universal Channel America Latina Mexico VH1 Latin America Mexico Video Rola Mexico XEFB Televisa Monterrey Mexico XEIMT Canal 22 Mexico XEIPN Once TV Mexico XETV Tijuana / San Diego Mexico XEW - Canal de las Estrellas Mexico XEWH Hermosillo Mexico XEWT Tijuana Mexico XHG Televisa Guadalajara Mexico XHGJG C7 Jalisco Mexico XHP Puebla Mexico XHPTP TV Mexiquense Mexico XHRCG Canal 7 RCG TV Mexico XHST Canal 13 - Trece TV Mexico XHTVL Canal 9 Mexico ZAZ Mexico